Yacht Management & Control Systems for Charter companies and Marinas


smartYACHT is an open platform for charter companies and marinas to observe, manage and control an open number of yachts and group of yachts with the integration of various sensors and technologies for vessel monitoring (including the involvement of users). 
With smartYACHT the monitoring and protection of unattended boats in the harbour against burglary, vandalism, unauthorized use and theft is no topic anymore. Marinas, Charter companies and Owners receive immediate information in case of fuel burglary, fire on board, flooding or increased humidity (to prevent mould formation).
smartYACHT is able to support the skipper during the cruise as well. The crew (especially the skipper) receive warnings in case of groundings, approaching dangerous zones or leaving navigational zones (e.g. as predefined by the Charter company and/or Marina). 
The central element of the system is the smartYACHT On-Board Unit providing both the interface to the various on-board systems as well as the positioning and communication components. The OBU comprises all necessary software modules and the corresponding functionalities to meet the requirements.

smartYACHT offers a full multi-user (yacht) platform with a total overview of all yachts in charge and individual information of 
single cases. All information (independent of the navigational 
status) is stored in a log file, which is available for investigation.

The system offers a fully remote state overview of all available sensors. The remote management of sensors and/or individual alarm states is part of the smartYACHT. 

Dangerous zones can be stored for a whole Marina / Region to warn skippers about “well known locations” in advance.  

Consisting of:

  • smartYACHT GUI
    • Monitor boat data remotely
    • Access server via web browser 
  • On Board Unit
    • Monitor boat data on board (including log book, current warnings)
    • Access local system via Wi-Fi