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  • CONStruction Site Detection and TRACKing Service
  • Demonstration of UAS Integration for VLL Airspace Operations
  • Präzise GNSS gestützte Positionierung für mobile Endgeräte mittels Galileo Commercial Service
  • GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System
  • Machine Learning as a basis for more intelligent navigation algorithms?
  • GNSS Risk and Service Monitoring
  • Low Cost GNSS and Computer Vision Fusion for Accurate Lane Level Navigation and Enhanced Automatic Map Generation
  • Next Generation Mission Critical Control Centre solutions for sustainable decision support
  • Mobility Services for Generations

  • Safety and Information Services for Ski Resorts

  • Sensor based command and control support in public safety and security operations
  • Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security

Recent project

  • Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security


  • Safety and Information Services for Ski Resorts

Services of the SafeSki system:

  • Service for the identification of customer behavior
  • Service for documentation support

The services have been identified and assured through a requirement analysis with ski resort operators and customers future opportunities in terms of technological maturity, costs and other indicators of economic viability for both operators and customers.

Functionalities of the SafeSki services:

Identification of customer behavior The customer behavior identification service collects data on end users in ski resorts, optimizes and processes these data and in turn provides them to member organizations of the ski resort (e.g., marketing). This helps to understand the actual preferences of skiers or ski resort operators in favor of security and capacity management of the infrastructure (slopes, cabins, lifts, etc.) and to improve and optimize local and regional conditions accordingly.

Documentation support The documentation support service provides assistance to the operating personnel of the ski resort with regard to the documentation of their wide range of different tasks, e.g. Prevention of accidents, first aid in the event of accidents and avalanche blasts. The service ensures seamless data exchange between field deployment, back-office and available technical databases. As much data as possible is automatically collected, processed and transmitted to the destination destination.

General SafeSki functions:

  • Seamless data processing
  • Documentation of different events in the field
  • Generation of templates and automatic reports
  • GNSS improvement
  • Analysis of skier behavior in relation to environmental conditions
  • Creation of a snow cover map based on Earth observation data
  • Flow and usage analysis
  • Calculation of residence times
  • Analysis of critical points